an exploration of portraiture

Thousands of years ago humans lay on their backs under the night sky and looked up at the stars. What they saw in those stars was a projection of their own mythologies; imaginary lines connecting the distant points of light into recognizable forms – Hercules, Orion, Pegasus.

Of all the things a man might see, he sees what he knows.

This series, called Contemporary Archeology, is an exploration of portraiture. Comprised of hundreds of layers of architectural data, each panel is a palimpsest of theoretical concerns of the collective architectural mind. The intaglio printing of this data yields a visual field – the “Field of Possibility” – an aggregation of subjective proposals resulting in a new objective field. From this vastness a subject emerges. In variations of these works I have seen my own history and my own mythology. Emerging from “the field” you will find buoys and vessels, iconic references to navigation. In other works “the field” remains non-referential; a window, an infinite abyss – for us to linger and recognize other constellations of identity.