north, south, east, west


“Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle postulates that one might know the location of an object or of a particle, and one might know the speed and direction of a particle – but that it is impossible to know both simultaneously. It’s important to note that HERE is a location. Geographic. A position in space. Yet HERE is also a verb – ‘to give’, as in, “HERE, this is yours to have”, as an offering. You are granting permission or license to partake.

What is a map? How do we use them? Their limitations are their utility. Maps are subjective. We are all cartographers. I work with maps, and have done so for some time to construct meaning through mapping, exploring networks and networking. Relationships and interrelatedness, and the relativist qualities that probe the definition of place, time, and identity – that relate adjacent places, times, and identities – exist in the HERE that maps authenticate.

HERE I have drawn from personal and historical moments of life – those that I consider fundamental to having become the man and artist that I am today. I have completed drawings extracting from those moments and photographs that document those moments and place and times of becoming. They have been woven together and to create these imprints of approach and arrival – HERE.