eyebeam art & technology center

Shift is one of many collaborative drawing projects that I’ve been doing over the past years. Some of you have participated in other drawings, so you will know that each one is different in both the formatting of the project and the demographic cross section of the participants. I’m very, very excited about this project for a number of reasons, but particularly because EyeBeam is supplying a great space, a great projector, and a huge wall. This will be a big drawing. I hope everyone can make it.

“Shift” is a focus on the adaptability of the contemporary negotiator of the urban landscape. That is you. “Shift” will embody the syntactical shift/ phase shift of moving from one environmental value system to another. The drawing intends to capture how we shift our value system (and therefore how we change tactics) relative to a local environment. It is how we shift our criteria for what is salient, how we map our physical and programmatic environment. As we move through the world each day we accommodate many mindsets, styles of communication, and patterns relative to the many terrains of context we inhabit.

As each of you traces this shift – you will overlap, intertwine, avoid, and connect. It will be a symphonic cacophony; everybody doing their own thing at the same time, creating a mapping of the culture and environment of Shift.